Mine-site Services

Drilling Awareness Review


Tricon field representatives routinely conduct & host reviews of drilling operations on site. This assists supervisors, drillers, blast engineers and fitters to not only enhance their overall understanding but more importantly determine the most efficient and cost effective way to run a drill bit. Our trainers provide both one on one training courses and classroom sessions which addresses criteria for Rotary bit design and general operating parameters, which will lead to an overall reduction in drill & blast costs.

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Compressor & Drill System Air Tests

Utilising proven air test kits, testing will measure the actual air volume delivered to the drill bit and will assist in optimizing compressor output and determining optimal jet nozzle size, improve overall bit performance which will lead to further reductions in overall drilling costs.

Drill Weight (Pulldown) Tests

From readings taken on our load cells, drill pulldown cab pressure gauge can be calibrated to reflect actual weight on bit.

Other Services

  • Bit type and drill string recommendations.
  • Drill Bit analysis.
  • Bit Design.
  • Total drill string monitoring and management.
  • Ultimate engineered solutions tailored to individual customer requirement.

Site based modified sea containers