About Us

Tricon services production drilling operations of the open pit drill and blast sector of the mining industry. Our clients are worldwide in countries including Australia, Africa and Asia.

One Stop Shop

We offer the whole suite of drilling products. Our customers see us as a one-stop shop so they can avoid having to use multiple suppliers. It makes a difference when you have a one-to-one relationship with a company willing to respond quickly.

We supply all the components of the drill string below the rotary head right down to the drill bit.  This includes the cushion sub or a shock sub, drill pipe, subs, as well as a DTH hammer and bit or a rotary bit. In addition to those products, we carry all the accessories that enable you to safely handle these products which reduce risks from manual handling.

Reliable Stock Levels

Our major contracts are won on the basis that we never let our clients run out of consumables. Our professional team carefully monitor what stock is kept at each site plus we ensure there is always sufficient product here in the warehouse to back that up.

Every month we review that pipeline of product to make changes and order additional product so that we can keep the product up to the clients.

Stock control is regarded as a high priority for Tricon. There is a company-wide commitment to stay ahead of demand. We carefully monitor stock levels to suit our clients and the different applications.

Quick Turn Around Repairs

Drill string items can be damaged in day-to-day operations on your site.  We can straighten drill pipe and have them back in use within 14 days. We can refurbish shock subs & DTH hammers using our specialized break out service. Once we get the item back from the field, we will pull it apart, clean it, put it back together and send it back as a near new tool.

Quick Decisions

If there's an issue with your project, our team will get together and, within five minutes, have an answer for you. We don't need to defer to our board somewhere else in the world. We are proud of our willingness to respond on a Sunday to an inquiry or an issue when it is important to our clients.

If you need drill bits sent to the site, we'll have someone in here packing them and delivering them to a truck depot on a Sunday night. Your parts will be on the road first thing Monday morning. It’s our great Customer Service that sets us apart.

Product Performance Tracking Capability

Tricon closely analyses data supplied by customers to determine the most suitable product they should be using and in what areas of the mine. Based on this we can offer the most cost-effective and efficient solution to your drilling needs.

Industry Team

Tricon employs people with production drilling experience, and our service reflects that. We've got people who understand the products because they have used them. We hire people who have operated drills and worked on mine sites.  Our team understands mine site priorities, and we make servicing those priorities a company-wide commitment.

Safety & Best Practice

Tricon can offer innovative safety solutions and equipment. Part of the company service package is to educate customers in the correct operating parameters for the products we sell. This helps to get the maximum life and ensures you get the optimal use of those products.

Tricon also offers a mechanical drill pipe handler, which will change pipe out on a drill rig without exposing operators to unnecessary risk. The drill pipe can be changed safely and efficiently. This is all part of our services package.


We offer onsite technical advice, training as well as air & weight tests. It is critical to ensure the air pressure & weight on the bit matches what is indicated on the instrumentation panel in the drill cab. This leads to greater drilling efficiency and longer product life.


Tricon has their own patented products. We run a hybrid rotary percussion tool, which is a DTH hammer with a rotary bit on the end. There are certain applications where this product has proven to provide operators with a performance advantage.

Research and Development

Tricon has a Research and Development program that is reviewed on a regular basis. We incorporate feedback from the field. New products are developed based on our client’s feedback.

Tricon also regularly reviews our product designs. Our design engineer, based in Houston looks after our rotary bit line. We also have our own Technical Manager here in Perth who looks after our Down The Hole (DTH) product line.

We have continuous improvement plans in place that drive our new product development.  We regularly review designs based on the information we're getting back from the field and we bring that information back in-house and upgrade our designs accordingly.


Our manufacturing workshop is at Belmont in Perth. For our customers in the north of Western Australia, we are right on their doorstep. We've invested recently in new technology that enables state of art manufacturing process and measurable quality control over our product.

The other advantage is a short lead time in supply. We're only five days by road to get our products to our customers. Unlike some of our competitors, we are not dependent on overseas shipping.

Company Values

Tricon is committed to providing you with quality production drilling equipment, parts and repairs, faster and more reliably than our competitors. You will always deal with an experienced person who is able to draw on industry experience to provide innovative solutions to your problems, without delay.