Community Engagement Policy

Tricon Drilling Solutions is committed to building relationships with local communities by endeavouring to understand, appreciate and respect the areas and communities in which we operate.

Tricon Drilling Solutions aim is to foster a positive perception of the company, by considering the needs of the local community, and by conducting our operations in a professional, considerate and courteous manner.

Engaging and consulting with local emergency services and local community representatives is important to ensure the outcomes of any incidents or accidents which may result from Tricon Drilling Solutions operations are mitigated in a timely and successful manner.

It is the responsibility of managers and supervisors to ensure that this policy is implemented and maintained at all levels within Tricon Drilling Solutions.

It is the responsibility of personnel to take all reasonable steps to ensure this policy is adhered to with regards to the needs of the local community, and to remain courteous at all times while conducting company operations.