Bullying and Inappropriate Behaviour Policy

This policy outlines the appropriate behaviour expected in all Tricon Drilling Solutions workplaces and explains how we will deal with inappropriate behaviour. This policy applies to everyone at Tricon Drilling Solutions.

At Tricon Drilling Solutions, we define appropriate behaviour as:

  • Acting in an honest, professional and courteous manner using respectful language;
  • Reasonable management action carried out in a reasonable manner;
  • Recognising and valuing the contribution of each team member and supporting people of all backgrounds and identities; and
  • When conflict occurs, work to resolve the issue in a calm and professional manner.

We define inappropriate behaviour as:

  • Workplace bullying that is repeated, and/or inappropriate behaviour directed towards a worker or group of workers that creates a risk to health and safety;
  • Sexual harassment and/or unwelcome sexual conduct of any kind;
  • Harassment, including unwelcome behaviour that intimidates, offends or humiliates a person because of a particular personal characteristic such as age, race, gender, disability, religion or sexuality;
  • Aggression and violence; and
  • Impairment by alcohol or other substances.


All managers, supervisors and other workplace leaders must demonstrate appropriate behaviours and take reasonable steps to ensure that inappropriate behaviours do not occur in the workplace(s) under their control

All workers are responsible for ensuring that they demonstrate appropriate behaviours and discourage inappropriate behaviour by refusing to participate in this behaviour, reporting any experiences of this behaviour and supporting co-workers in saying ‘no’ to this behaviour.

Managing inappropriate behaviour:

Tricon Drilling Solutions will identify all workplace factors that allow inappropriate behaviour to occur and eliminate these risks or reduce them to a level as low as is reasonably practicable.

All instances of bullying and inappropriate behaviour shall be reported, when observed and will be investigated by senior management, following the process in the Grievance and Disciplinary Procedure (TDS-PRO-025), or, where deemed appropriate, using the Incident Reporting and Investigation Procedure (TDS-PRO-003).

Reporting inappropriate behaviour:

In the first instance, inappropriate behaviour should be reported confidentially to any director, manager or leader, who will take immediate steps to control the behaviour and mitigate any further harm or damage.

The director, manager or leader, shall document the issue using either the associated Grievance Report Form TDS-F-051) or the Incident Investigation Report Form (TDS-F-003), as appropriate, and commence an investigation as soon as is reasonably practicable.

The outcome of the investigation, and actions arising from the investigation, must be reported confidentially to the subject of the bullying or inappropriate behaviour.

Wherever practicable, the confidentiality of persons involved in complaints of bullying or inappropriate behaviour should be protected.

Disciplinary action:

If anyone is found to breach this policy, management will take action appropriate to the behaviour reported or observed, following a full investigation. Action may include:

  • A formal warning;
  • Referral to counselling and/or formal bullying and harassment awareness training;
  • Suspension; and
  • Instant dismissal.