Bit Box Lifter

  • Allows safe lifting of both hammer and rotary bit boxes – secured by a safety chain
  • Simple, safe, and easy to use
  • Eliminates risk associated with single-person lift
  • Bit Box Lifter is tested and rated to comply with Australian Standards.


Manual handling of hammer and rotary bit boxes can be a hazardous task. Tricon’s safety initiative led to the design of the Bit Box Lifter. With a unique design to tilt the bit box back into the frame, lifting these boxes will no longer be a problem. The addition of a chain to secure the box on the frame ensures that the box will not slide out of the frame. The use of Bit Box Lifter will improve safety by eliminating the risks of single-person lift when handling hammer or rotary bit boxes.


Tricon’s Bit Box Lifter comes in 2 different sizes to handle different sizes of bit box:

  • Regular (handles 200mm – 270mm bit boxes – up to 75kg)
  • Large (handles 311mm bit box – up to 110kg)