Deck Bush Lifter

  • Lightweight and compact
  • Ensures safe and efficient bit changes
  • Safe installation and manual handling
  • Handles are load tested and certified as lifting points


The Deck Bush Lifter is one of Tricon’s innovative products that enhances efficiency and safety in handling a deck bush. The unique design ensures safe manual handling in comparison to the conventional C-Spanner by having a light-weight aluminium design and reduces the number of equipment used. By keeping the deck bush out of the way and secured in place, operators would be able to change drill bits more safely and efficiently by reducing pinch points and removing interactions from directly under suspended load.


Tricon’s Deck Bush Lifter is available in various sizes and is generally custom made according to client’s specifications.

The critical dimensions to ensure that we can provide you with the most suitable Deck Bush Lifter are:

  • Drill deck opening
  • Drill pipe outer diameter
  • Drill pipe spanner flat size

Comparison Video