Deck Bushing


Static Deck Bushing

This is a static, non-rotating type deck bushing that has a solid body with no moving parts and replaceable wear sleeves. This type of deck bushing is normally used when the drilling application is down-the-hole (DTH) as this does not require the higher rpm speeds that are seen in rotary drilling applications. The static deck bushing is not recommended for use when rotary drilling.


Rotary Deck Bushing

Tricon Rotary Deck Bushings deliver increased drilling production and reduced maintenance costs for blast hole drills. Precision machined by Tricon, the Rotary Deck Bushing is a ball bearing assembly with 2 or 3 bearing races situated between a stationary outer body and a rotating inner sleeve. The bearings require no lubrication.

The inner bearing race of the rotary bushing will rotate with the drill steel when sufficient surface contact is made by the rotating drill steel as it passes through the centre bore of the bushing. The outer race is held stationary in the deck of the drill by means of locating flats and or lugs which are positioned on the circumference of the flange that is integral with the outer race. The flange supports the bushing assembly in the deck hole which maintains the central position with the drill steel.

When ordering, please specify the following;

  • Machine make and model
  • OD. of deck hole
  • Drill rod size
  • Minimum clearance for top plate
  • Top Plate flange thickness
  • Location and size of retaining lugs
  • Are lifting handles required? Specify size and location if lifting handles are required

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