Drill Pipe


Tricon Drill Pipes are manufactured from quality heat treated seamless mid body tubular, tool joints and hard facing materials. Tricon offers a range of high quality material grades to optimize your applications.

4140 Alloy: A special heat treated and quenched alloy. It is designed for hard abrasive formations that cause the body of the pipe to wear out before the tool joints. The physical characteristics, yield, tensile and Brinell hardness of this alloy tube provide more durable, wear resistant mid-body tube than a standard, hot rolled, seamless carbon tube.

ST52: This material is typically required in non-abrasive formations when the tool joints wear out before the tube. This is a hot-rolled, seamless carbon tube.

All components follow a stringent QA process including:

  • Raw material traceability and verification
  • Mag Particle Inspection (MPI) of welds
  • Certified gauges are used to maintain Thread tolerance
  • Pipes are spun to check concentricity
  • Specification checks during each manufacturing process and on completion of finished product
  • All serial numbered for traceability

Tricon offers a complete range of drill rods to suit your production drilling needs, manufacturing all industry standard threads including Beco, IF and API Reg, N24, T24, DIBH complying with ISO 9001 BV quality standard.

We can make to order rods ranging in diameter from 76mm to 273mm to suit any configuration of drilling rig.

Tool Joints:

Tricon tool joints are manufactured from premium grade or modified heat treated material for maximum wear resistance and life. The tool joints are fitted to the tube body using a proprietary process that insures concentricity and axial alignment.

Hard Facing:

Dependent on your application, hard material wear protection can prove to be a cost-effective option when applied either radially or axially on the tool joints as well as the lower portion of the tube.  Same applies for any Drill Subs.

When ordering or requesting a quotation, please specify:

  • Outside Diameter (OD)
  • Shoulder to Shoulder length
  • Wall Thickness of tubular section
  • Thread sizes (Pin – Box)
  • Make / Model of drill for Wrenching Details
  • With or Without Hard Facing