• Patented Rotary-Percussion drilling tool.
  • Equipped with our Variable Impact Control System (VICS)
  • Complemented with RAPID bits – specifically design for rotary-percussive drilling


Rotary-Percussion drilling method has been widely recognized for its potential to drill faster in comparison to the conventional rotary drilling. The addition of the percussive forces to the roller cone drill bit increases penetration rates but it also increases the stress and eventually failure of the leg weld for not being able to withstand the percussive forces. Our solution is RAPADRIL®.

RAPADRIL is a patented hybrid percussion and roller cone tool designed to complement autonomous drilling applications. RAPADRIL is equipped with our Variable Impact Control System (VICS) which fine-tunes the tool to suit the drill and ground formation parameters. VICS allows RAPADRIL to be fine-tuned to achieve desirable impact frequencies to suit specific formations.

The implementation of VICS enables immediate response to changes in ground formations. VICS also reduces impact while maintaining high frequency – this reduces the product stress, which in turn increases bit change-out intervals while maintaining penetration rates.

RAPID – our RAPADRIL-ready roller cone bits – complements the performance of RAPADRIL and is also specifically designed to withstand the percussive force generated. RAPADRIL does not only improve penetration rates, but it was also designed to complement autonomous drilling.

Currently available in 9″ (229mm) and 9⅝” (251mm) bit size.

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