Pilot Hole Bits

  • Tricon’s own TDS series for pilot hole applications
  • Constant product development
  • Sealed journal bearing for maximum life


Tricon provides a selection of sealed journal bearing bits designed for drilling the most demanding raise bore pilot holes, blind bore pilot holes, and underground drill and blast holes.

The TDS80 series features blunt dome-shaped inserts to provide a durable cutting structure for maximum crushing and chipping action while minimizing wear.

Bearing Type

Sealed Journal Bearings

These premium bits with sealed bearings are designed for drilling blast holes, flushing with air or water-air mixture. The bits of this line use journal bearings.

In Sealed Journal Bearing the Rollers inside the cone are replaced by a Floating Bush made out of a special alloy which is silver plated. The Bearing Pack is protected with an O-Ring Seal. The Bearing lubrication and pressure compensator system is built in. The Floating Bush is highly resistant to heat and galling.

They show high performance due to the seal, high-reliability bearing elements, cutting structure and bit body protection, achieving excellent results, especially in water-flooded holes.

Cutting Structure: The bits of this line have TCI as their cutting structure. To improve the protection against gauge loss, there are TCI on the gauge.

Lubrication System: Bit lubrication system is designed to compensate grease consumption and pressure during long-term operation. It consists of a grease reservoir with a rigidly mounted cap, a flexible diaphragm, a metal canister protecting the diaphragm from breakage, and channels to connect the grease reservoir with friction areas in bearings.

Shirttail & Leg Protection: Shirttails and legs are hardfaced along the leading edge and protected with tungsten carbide inserts.

Cone Protection: Special features are provided for cone steel erosion when drilling in abrasive formations.

Product Series

Bit Size 9″ (229mm) 11″ (279mm) 12¼” (311mm) 13¾” (349mm) 15″ (381mm) 17½” (445mm)
Series / Pin 4½” API REG 6⅝” API REG