Triclaw Bits

  • Economical, field-replaceable cutters and pilot hole picks
  • Self-sharpening cutters
  • Bit size ranging from 9″ (229mm) to 10⅝” (270mm)


The Triclaw Bit is best suited for drilling in soft to medium formations and in unconsolidated formations of alternate layers of very soft clay and sand rock or hard shale. Whereas a drag bit would over-torque and possibly stall in these conditions, the Triclaw Bit excels.

Triclaw Bit designs offer rapid penetration, drilling time as fast or faster than that of a drag bit, and being as tough as a roller cone rock bit. They feature economical, inexpensive field-replaceable cutters and pilot hole picks. The conical bullet-shaped cutters rotate in their blocks to provide a self-sharpening effect, extending the life of the bit and reducing torque.

Triclaw Bits are available in sizes ranging from 9″ (229mm) to 10⅝″ (270mm) in diameter.